Month: September 2016

Bon Ballet Diary – September 26,2016

It recently occurred to me that I have now been doing ballet for over a month! One.Whole.Month. Of challenges, pure enjoyment, and self discovery. I can remember how nervous I was to go into class not knowing anything at all and being the only adult among younger students with more years of experience. I found myself nearly not going because I felt like I would be ridiculed and looked down upon by not only the kids, but the ballet moms (and dads)! Remember to tell yourself that the other students are not there to focus on you, but on their own development as much as you will be. The studio should foster a positive environment where discipline, fun, and productive criticisms are welcome. After the first day I felt at ease. I found that the group I’m surrounded by truly are incredibly encouraging even if I had two left feet that day. Now let’s dive into some exciting growth I’ve had most recently! During my most recent class we were working on our degages. I, …

Bon Ballet Diary – September 8th, 2016

I wanted to add something new to Miss Alice Beauty and share a bit about a new challenge I have undertaken! The “Bon Ballet Diary” will be a weekly installment of the challenges, obstacles, and rewards of starting ballet at twenty-something with no prior experience. I embarked on this journey despite the fact that I am in a class of hyper fourteen year olds and against all gravitational odds that make me feel less than graceful. Thus far I have had four classes of which I have been cramming more vocabulary then an elementary school class. Tendus, arabesques, releves, and more that I can’t even remember! As far as feeling sore…let’s just say getting out of bed has never felt more awful yet rewarding. I am beyond excited to learn and grow more. I have taken it upon myself to work on flexibility and strengthening from home. Here are a few of my favorites from the last few gym visits: Ballet Beautiful: Lean Legs  and Butt Shaper with Mary Helen Bowers Flexibility Stretches with Psyche Truth …

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Charlotte Olympia “Ilona” Bow Mules – Resort 2016 Collection Kate Spade Flavor of the Month Carousel Bag Lorac Unzipped Palette Clarins HydraQuench Skincare Line Just a few things I cannot get enough of! These favorites will be absolutely making their way into my fall daily must haves. Until next time. Take care!