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Costume Winner – Flapper Girl!

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a lovely day! Here is the winning costume reveal! The majority went to the flapper girl! I threw together the entire costume spending simply $5 on the thrifted dress. The rest of the items were some accessories I already owned. It was a challenge to find a dress silhouette that matched the garments of that era.  The dresses in the 20’s had generally a drop waist along with frills and such. The dress above, though not perfect, I felt captured the overall look.  The beaded band hugging the waist really brought the glamour of the 20’s into this dress. As for the hair, I simply gathered it at the base of my neck and clipped it in place.  The bow headpiece is a headband placed across my forehead. The makeup is done using my Lorac Pro Palette and the lipstick is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick in 170 Alarm. Until next time. Take care! Remember to like Miss Alice Beauty on Facebook and follow Miss Alice Beauty on Twitter! Advertisements

Tip – How to Thrift Store Shop Effectively

Thrift store shopping can be overwhelming. There are tons of clothes bombarding you left and right making it difficult to know where to even begin! I personally have a couple strategies to help you dive into the ocean of clothing found in thrift stores. Have a defined style you are after. It will make a big difference if you know you want to look for a more feminine fit with ruffles and lighter colors or something edgier and so on. It is also helpful to look up images of outfits you particularly like. By doing this, you will have mental images of what you want to look for and accomplish with the pieces you find. Look for specific pieces. Look in your wardrobe and ask yourself what is missing. Maybe you are looking for a blouse to compliment a certain bottom. In my case, I was seeking a soft tulle skirt and I was able to accomplish finding it after persistently looking for that style and not getting distracted by others. Keep an eye out for …