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Color Collage – A Red, White, & Blue Celebration!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are wonderful today! The Fourth of July is right around the corner so I thought I’d share some fun accessories and knickknacks in today’s color collage. Dress according to your plans! If you are heading to a barbecue with family then throw on some denim shorts and a soft chiffon blouse to beat the heat. If your going for a dinner and fireworks after then maybe take out that little red dress! Which ever way you decide, just make sure you’re wearing those American colors! Can you believe it’s America’s 238th birthday? That’s amazing and yet we are a relatively young county! I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! What are your celebration plans? Until next time. Take care! Alice…xoxo Miss Alice Beauty on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin’ Advertisements

Polish Poll – Summertime Hues

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying a pleasant morning. It is the time again for yet another polish poll! Today’s colors are refreshing and vibrant to welcome the warmth of summer. Masglo is a brand typically found in South America.  If you are interested in these polishes, I believe some can be purchased via eBay for the time being. Help me pick a polish by selecting your favorite below! I can’t wait to see the results. Until next time. Take care!  Miss Alice Beauty on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin’

Polish Poll Winner – Elf’s Purple Pleaser

Hello everyone! I hope you all are wonderful and enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend! The last polish poll crowned Elf’s polish in Purple Pleaser as the winner. This particular polish is a rich purple color with a red tint running through it. The warm undertone is particularly flattering for my medium skintone and makes it universally great, even if you are on the cool toned spectrum since it will stand out beautifully on the nails. In order to achieve the full color, I applied two generous coats of the polish over my Sally Hansen Hard As Nails base. I then finished it off with a top coat to add more shine since I noticed this polish wasn’t as lustrous though not entirely matte either. I have had some slight chipping already after two days of wear, but that is expected with this affordable nail polish. This particular polish is sold in a 15 piece gift set, not separately on the Elf website. Overall, I feel this a great addition to any collection. It applies wonderfully and it’s a …

Color Collage – Blushing Pinks

Hey everyone! I hope you all are wonderful today! I apologize for the sparse posting recently. I’ve been bogged down with school work, but don’t worry! I am still here and have big ideas planned to share with all of you as my six month blogging anniversary approaches. It’s incredible how quickly time passes, right? I also wanted to share another bit of exciting news, I’ve been venturing more into my photography and created a photography blog to showcase the photographs I take outside of the beauty/fashion world. Join me on Snapshots by Alice where I can share my adventures with you all! Today’s color collage is based on a color I’ve seen around quite a bit in the spring time flowers recently: pink. I was inspired by these lovely tulips I recently purchased. The soft  shades of pink add a fresh dash of spirit to any room. Pink is such a universal color that looks beautiful on any skin tone and can easily be worn in countless ways whether it’s a blouse, nail polish, lipstick, or blush. …

Go Nude this Fall: Nude Nails the Timeless Classic

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day! How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I had a wonderful time with family enjoying delicious food and company! Today I will be sharing one of my favorite nude nail polishes, OPI’s My Very First Knockwurst. The polish was released in the Fall 2012 OPI Germany Collection along with 11 other shades. It can still be purchased on Amazon! This polish is a unique nude shade as it’s neither a true pink nor a lavender or beige. Rather it is a blend of all of those colors that creates a different visual effect under various lighting as noted in the pictures above. In comparing the polish under natural light vs. camera flash, you can clearly see that certain colors are highlighted in the blend more than others. This polish also glides on smoothly and opaque with one coat, but two is preferable to achieve a more perfected look. It is long lasting and quite resilient to chipping. I also absolutely love this polish for toes, as I prefer a …

Electric Blue – Ghem Polish Review

Happy Halloween everyone! What are your exciting Halloween plans? I, unfortunately, have an exam tonight which is why the costume will be revealed tomorrow! If you haven’t voted, you can still do so today. On to the polish! This color is a gorgeous electric blue by Ghem Esmalte that applies flawlessly and opaquely. The only negative associated with this polish is that it cannot be found in the United States. I picked this up while I was visiting family in Colombia. I found a similar Zoya polish that has a slightly deeper tone of blue, but is equally as beautiful. I applied my polish on top of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails to prevent as much staining that occurs from pigmented colors and applied Seche Vite as my fast drying top coat. Blue nails are such an uplifting and daring color on the nails that really catches the eyes in a lovely way. Don’t be afraid to try a color like this! Until next time. Take care! Remember to like Miss Alice Beauty on Facebook and follow …

A Hint of Sparkle for a Fall Neutral

Hello everyone! I hope your day has been wonderful thus far. As fall slowly makes it way in, certain nail polishes compliment the warm colors of the season. Orly’s polish in Nite Owl is a great fall inspired color for those who want something a bit softer on the nails especially if your are transitioning from having a darker nail polish. Nite Owl is a light taupe shade with finely milled glitter particles to add a subtle touch of glam without being too noisy. I applied this over my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails strengthener and added Seche Vite top coat for a faster dry. Overall, I would say this is a fantastic polish. It applies easily with one application. The polish has a nice creamy consistency adding to the ease of application and is opaque on the first coat. It’s a great quick nail polish that compliments any outfit due to it’s neutral color. Until next time. Take care! Remember to like Miss Alice Beauty on Facebook and follow Miss Alice Beauty on Twitter!