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Bon Ballet Diary – September 26,2016

It recently occurred to me that I have now been doing ballet for over a month!


Of challenges, pure enjoyment, and self discovery. I can remember how nervous I was to go into class not knowing anything at all and being the only adult among younger students with more years of experience. I found myself nearly not going because I felt like I would be ridiculed and looked down upon by not only the kids, but the ballet moms (and dads)! Remember to tell yourself that the other students are not there to focus on you, but on their own development as much as you will be. The studio should foster a positive environment where discipline, fun, and productive criticisms are welcome. After the first day I felt at ease. I found that the group I’m surrounded by truly are incredibly encouraging even if I had two left feet that day.


Now let’s dive into some exciting growth I’ve had most recently! During my most recent class we were working on our degages. I, along with two other students, were selected to provide an example of the proper form for the movement to the rest of the class. It was absolutely exciting and gratifying to be executing a move correctly! The biggest issue I noticed with many of the students was the fact many perform an almost “rainbow” shaped move. Degages are sharp, quick movements to the varying positions. Something to keep in mind if you are working on it!

My current challenges are as follows:

  • Spotting. I understand the concept, but the execution is a far cry from perfect. I still find myself getting dizzy in my turns. Any ideas how to possibly work on this?
  • Performing certain moves faster. I am still so focused on technique and getting the general steps down that I end up moving a tad slower than I would like especially if the pace of the song is faster.
  • Jumping into the air straight up from a plie, pointing the feet, and landing in a plie. Sounds easy in writing, but the strength is requires to continuously repeat it and look graceful is no where near as simple.
  • Vocabulary. so.many.words. 

My current gym routines have been consisting of mostly working on technique from class and many, many, many releves to build strength in my feet. I was proud to be the only one to releve during the entire exercise in class. Many of the students had to rest. Practice and patience are working!


Keep dancing!


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