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A Glimpse

NYX Baked Blush NYX Glam Eyeshadows NYX Baked Eyeshadows NYX Cream Blushes   Hello everyone! I am beyond thrilled to share a post and chat with all of you! With the holiday season in full swing my work has been electrically hectic as everyone was frantically shopping for Christmas. Time has been scarce, but as I approach the end of busy season I am settling myself back into a routine which means product testing, outfits, and more are in the works! I cannot describe how much I miss chatting with all of you. This posts kicks off the return of a more daily posting schedule! If you have any requests please share them! I love to know what all of you want to see. Here I am sharing a few NYX products I am testing out. I can already tell I am going to LOVE those baked eyeshadows! Until next time. Take care! Thank you to NYX Cosmetics for sending these products.  Advertisements

Carefree Days

Hello everyone! I hope your day is lovely. I apologize for the silence recently. My schedule has been hectic between work and recent visits from friends and family. I promise I have not forgotten all of my lovely supporters and have missed all of you beyond words! I love looking at these photographs. I took them with my friend who came to visit before she moved off to New York for an exciting job opportunity. We had such an incredible time, but something about blowing bubbles remind us of carefree days as a child. Everything was beautiful and simple, a perfect way to end our last afternoon together until we have a chance to see each other again soon! -Outfit Details- Cynthia Rowley Silk Blouse Until next time. Take care!

Small Haul and a Quick Update

Hello everyone! I hope your day is lovely. Today I wanted to share a small haul I have picked up recently as well as share some updates over the last couple of weeks. Lets dive into the post! Au Lait Bathing Milk The packaging drew me to the product initially. The simple glass  bottle with the minimalist print captured my attention immediately. I have had a chance to use it once for my foot soak and I enjoyed the rich lather and the fresh scent. I would have to use it a couple more times to truly evaluate my liking of it! Marc Jacob’s Lust for Lacquer I picked up this Marc Jacob’s beauty in 208 Truth or Dare since orchid shades usually draw me in. I love the high gloss finish if gives. I am still assessing how I feel about the overall longevity and quality of the product so keep an eye out! L’Eau De Chloe “My Little” I had been dying to try a small bottle of Chloe perfume after hearing several …

Life Updates!

Hello everyone! I cannot describe how happy I am to share another post with all of you! I want to apologize for having disappeared this past month. I graduated from my university and was offered a full time position that had me running to pack my belongings with it’s quick start date! Everything happened so quickly that I barely even had a chance to stop and breathe, haha. Thankfully I have been working around the clock in the training program, soaking in everything like a sponge, and preparing for the final move soon to my permanent location in early July. I am beyond excited to enter this new chapter in my life with all of you! Once I am settled into my permanent location I will try and figure out a regular posting schedule again. The adjustment to this new lifestyle has been a challenge, but I’m always up for one! My current obsession has been interior design! My new apartment is a blank canvas that I cannot wait to decorate and make it feel like …

What’s in my Bag Tag!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are wonderful today. These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind with packing all of my belongings and moving back home from college. It seemed like the packing and unpacking would never end! Getting myself into a new daily routine has been a bit of challenge so bare with me as I try to get a posting schedule going again! Today I wanted to share a fun tag I’ve seen quite often on Youtube, the “What’s in my Bag” tag! I find it so entertaining to see if other girls carry as much as I do. I am known for having a bit too much in my bag; kind of like Mary Poppins! Let’s dive into the main things I always have with me! My wallet and keys are always an absolute must. I recently picked up this new Ralph Lauren wallet that I adore! The color is cheerful, the compact design is perfect for the few cards I carry, and I love the gold accent that complements …

Casual Brunch

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are wonderful today as always! Today’s post is rather special being one of the last shoots I took at my university. It is absolutely surreal to be done, but I am excited to take the next step in life. If I’m not obsessing over beauty and fashion, I’m usually talking about food. There are just too many delicious dishes that must be had, right?! The brie my friend and I ordered at this local restaurant was too good to put into words. It was the first time I had ever tried it; I have no idea how I lived without eating this! As for what I wore: shorts to combat the scorching Florida heat, a flowy blouse so no amount of food I eat will show, and my bucket backpack that has been my constant companion these past couple days. – Outfit –  Simply Vera Wang Blouse | Cynthia Rowling Shorts | Vince Camuto Bucket Backpack Until next time. Take care!

Travel Diary Part II – Botanical Gardens

Hello everyone! I am excited to share part two of the travel diary post! After an amazing time at the beach, my friend and I decided to venture to the breathtaking botanical gardens. I was enraptured by the beautiful blooms! I could not get enough of being surrounded by flowers, it was like walking through a dream. The gardens themselves were broken up into themed sections, each one housing it’s own small surprise and beauty. The wedding garden, where these pictures primarily take place, was my absolute favorite! The pink blossoms and airy atmosphere was incredibly tranquil and relaxing. It was such a lovely location to clear your mind for awhile and lose yourself among the flowers. To sum up my afternoon: warm golden sunlight, delicate flowers, and great company. What more could I ask for?! – Outfit – BCBG Sun Dress | G By Guess Heels Until next time. Take care!

Travel Diary Part I – Redington Beach

Hello everyone! I am beyond thrilled to be sharing yet another post with all of you today! A close friend and I decided to to venture off into a weekend getaway to celebrate the end of our time at our university. Laughter, sunshine, tousled beach hair, and timeless memories were among the many things we shared during the trip. Visiting the beach was such a tranquil experience; the waves caressing the shore, the warmth of the sand embracing my skin, and the sea breeze gently sweeping the landscape was incredibly magical. I am dying to return already! I recently picked up the swimsuit featured in this post from Target. I love the the vibrant embroidered detail against the black canvas. It adds just enough color, perfectly capturing the essence of the warm summer season. I want to give a special thank you to my friend, Meghan, for the incredible time! It was unforgettable. – Details – Target Xhilaration Bikini | Vince Camuto Mini Backpack Until next time. Take care!

NYX Love in Paris Palette in “Let Them Eat Cake” Review

First row: Second Row: Third Row: Hello everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful day. I have been using the NYX Love in Paris palette in “Let Them Eat Cake” for quite a few weeks now. This palette retails for about $10 and can be purchased at Ulta or on the NYX website. The small, portable palette contains nine eyeshadows of varying textures ranging from mattes to shimmer finishes. The packaging is simple with a dainty bow clasp, no mirror, and houses a small sponge tip applicator. I have quickly grown fond of this palette for a soft, every day look. The feminine shades work wonderfully together and the hint of shimmer can add dimension to an otherwise simple look. Though I do not own the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I feel this small compact mimics the rosey tones wonderfully and allows someone on a budget to accomplish a look similar to what the Naked 3 provides. The shades themselves I feel are easy to work with and lend themselves wonderfully especially for …