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What’s in my Bag Tag!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are wonderful today.

These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind with packing all of my belongings and moving back home from college. It seemed like the packing and unpacking would never end! Getting myself into a new daily routine has been a bit of challenge so bare with me as I try to get a posting schedule going again!

Today I wanted to share a fun tag I’ve seen quite often on Youtube, the “What’s in my Bag” tag! I find it so entertaining to see if other girls carry as much as I do. I am known for having a bit too much in my bag; kind of like Mary Poppins!

Let’s dive into the main things I always have with me!

Bag Tag

My wallet and keys are always an absolute must. I recently picked up this new Ralph Lauren wallet that I adore! The color is cheerful, the compact design is perfect for the few cards I carry, and I love the gold accent that complements the aqua wonderfully. Aside from the usual debit card and drivers license, I also carry my Sephora and Ulta cards since you never know when I’ll be needing my dose of beauty products!

Bag Tag

I always carry the lip product I’m using that day with me in my purse. Touch-ups are a must to keep a perfect pout! Does anyone else have a lipstick case? My mother gave this to me as a gift and I love it! It is extremely practical and not only protects my purses from any loose lipstick, but has a small mirror for the touch-ups. I love it!

Bag Tag

As with everyone else in the world, I cannot be without my phone. I love connecting with all of you via social media and my phone is where most of that happens!

Bag Tag

I carry sunblock with me often if you haven’t noticed from previous posts! I firmly believe in the importance of skin protection so I find myself reaching for my sun block often even if it’s for a casual outing where we aren’t necessarily going to be outside the entire time. Not only is sun prevention an anti-aging benefit, but you can minimize the risk of skin alignments in the future. In other words, bring sun block with you please!

I also carry a hand sanitizer with me always to keep my hands clean while I’m out and about. Sweet smelling lotion is great to carry to not only moisturize but add a nice aroma to yourself. I love taking the small bottles from Bath and Body Works!

Bag Tag

Curly hair is spontaneous! Some days it can be fabulous whereas some days the humidity and wind can make it a mess, that’s where having hair accessories are great! I always carry hair ties with me for quick buns. Bobby pins are great to tame down fly aways and frizzies. I also have a small clip with me if I want to pull back any face framing strands.

Bag Tag

I always have a pair of sunglasses with me as well. I alternate between this black pair I recently picked up from Kenneth Cole or my brown pair depending on what I wear that day. Sunglasses once again reinforce the sun protection and complete any look! I have been loving the feline kind of shape lately! What’s your favorite shape?

Aside from those things I carry tissues, receipts, and other small random little things, but these are my staples even when I switch to other bags!

I tag all of my followers to share what they have in their bags!  

Until next time. Take care!


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