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NYX Love in Paris Palette in “Let Them Eat Cake” Review

NYX Love in Paris


NYX Love in Paris

NYX Love in Paris

First row:


Second Row:


Third Row:


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful day.

I have been using the NYX Love in Paris palette in “Let Them Eat Cake” for quite a few weeks now. This palette retails for about $10 and can be purchased at Ulta or on the NYX website. The small, portable palette contains nine eyeshadows of varying textures ranging from mattes to shimmer finishes. The packaging is simple with a dainty bow clasp, no mirror, and houses a small sponge tip applicator.

I have quickly grown fond of this palette for a soft, every day look. The feminine shades work wonderfully together and the hint of shimmer can add dimension to an otherwise simple look. Though I do not own the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I feel this small compact mimics the rosey tones wonderfully and allows someone on a budget to accomplish a look similar to what the Naked 3 provides.

The shades themselves I feel are easy to work with and lend themselves wonderfully especially for novices due to the soft diffusion of pigmentation. There are a couple of matte shades, notably the third shade in the top row and first shade in the last row. The rest of the shades are either a satin or shimmer finish. I would have preferred a couple more matte shades especially for transitioning the palette from a more daytime look to an evening look. My final qualm with the palette is the first and third shades in the top row are nearly identical in color. I wish they would have added a deep rosey shade to add a bit more drama and dimension to the palette as a whole.

The soft brown shade works wonderfully as a transition shade. The middle row, left shade is one of my favorites! It is a wonderfully pigmented burnt rose shade with flecks of reflective gold glitter that adds some “umph” to an every day look! The shades are harmoniously wonderful, but be cautious of over blending as they can meld into each other. The shades in this palette can benefit from applying a white base such as the NYX Jumbo pencil in ‘Milk.’

Final Verdict 

Overall, I have been enjoying this palette tremendously for it’s fail proof, every day look especially when I need to be out the door quickly. The soft pink hues and warm browns are among my favorite shades to use on my eyes so this is right up my alley. For the price point of only $10 and lovely quality, I would definitely recommend picking up this palette if you don’t already own a rosey toned palette!

Have you tried any of the NYX “Love in Paris” palettes?

Until next time. Take care! 


– Product was sent to me by NYX Cosmetics. All opinions are entirely my own. –

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  1. I always wanted to try nyx eyeshadow palettes but the makeup shop where I live don’t sell them 😦 I have to get them online and then they cost half an arm to ship to ireland

  2. The Sartorial Coquette says

    great post! this looks beautiful for spring 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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