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NYX Contour and Highlight Pro Palette Review

Hello everyone! I hope your day is lovely.

I am thrilled to share today’s post! NYX recently reached out to me and sent me some goodies to review for all of you including their new Contour and Highlight Pro Palette. I had been eyeing contour palettes for quite some time and was overjoyed to have the opportunity to try a drugstore variety as opposed to the higher end options.

This Highlight and Contour Pro Palette retails for $25 at Ulta or on the NYX website. It comes with eight shades in refillable pans; four highlight shades and four contour/bronzer shades with a variety of finishes ranging from matte to satin.

NYX Contour/Highlight

NYX Contour/Highlight

NYX Contour/Highlight

NYX Contour/Highlight

The first highlight shade would work fantastically for paler complexions. It adds a wonderful glow with it’s shimmer finish, but does not emphasize pores.

NYX Contour/Highlight

The second highlight shade has a slightly warmer undertone than the first one and a matte finish. It adds a wonderful glow when applied to the highest points of the face. I particularly love this shade on my light, olive skin tone.

NYX Contour/Highlight

This is a yellow, banana shade that I love to dust lightly under my eyes to brighten and set my concealer. I find this to have a more matte finish.

NYX Contour/Highlight

This rich golden, champagne shade would look absolutely superb on deeper skin tones. I love the warmth it adds and I feel it’ll be great in the summer with a bit more of a tan. I find this shade to have a satin finish.

NYX Contour/Highlight

NYX Contour/Highlight

This shade works well as a bronzer more so than a contour in my opinion. It has a warmer, slightly more orange undertone than I would prefer for a contour. I do love how it adds warmth to the face overall when applied in a less concentrated fashion, and more of a dusting of color.

NYX Contour/Highlight

This shade is cooler than the first shade. This midtown brown still has warmth, but does not have such an orange undertone.

NYX Contour/Highlight

This shade is the showstopper in this palette by far! This cool toned, ashy brown lends itself beautifully to contouring. I am partial to shades that are cooler leaning almost to a slightly grey tone because I like to mimic the natural shadows found in the valleys of our face. This shade works great for light to medium skin tones, but darker skin tones may find this too light to contour with.

NYX Contour/Highlight

This rich, intense brown shade is the deepest color in the palette. It has warm undertones, but I didn’t find it too orange. I like using this to intensify the contour close to the hairline and gradate it out if I am in the mood for a more intense contour.

NYX Contour/Highlight

NYX Contour/Highlight

Overall Verdict

I have been absolutely infatuated with this palette. The shades are richly pigmented and blend beautifully. I have truly been enjoying the cool toned contour shade tremendously. I do love that this palette is less orange in comparison to other palettes on the market such as the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Contour Kit since I fancy cooler toned contour shades. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to application. Applying light layers and blending immediately seem to work best with this palette. I am excited to see if NYX will offer other cooler toned shades to exchange in the pans. If they do, I will be all over that! I will also note that if you wish to transfer these to a Z palette you will have to attach magnets to the back of each pan as this palette is not magnetized.

The price of $25 in my opinion is fair for the quantity and quality of the product. I think this would be a great addition to any makeup collection whether you are a novice or expert!

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?

Until next time. Take care!


– Product was sent to me by NYX Cosmetics. All opinions are entirely my own. –

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  1. plus+beauty27 says

    I really want to get this palette sometime. That is amazing that NYX reached out to you to send you some of their products. ❤ This is definitely on my wishlist. 🙂

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