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A Thank You Card – One Year Anniversary!

MAB Anniversary

Hello everyone! I hope you are all absolutely lovely!

Today I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone that has been part of the Miss Alice Beauty community. On October 21, 2013 I started this blog feeling rather unsure if anyone would want to join me as I embarked on my blogging journey. A year later and over 500 of you have supported me and it has been such a pleasure to share this experience with you all!

MAB Anniversary

Every like, every comment, every view, every person that joins MAB continues to surprise me and tickle me with excitement. All of you have brought me such joy and I only hope to do the same!

MAB Anniversary

MAB Anniversary

Thank you for supporting me during my first baby steps: my first OOTD, my first review, my first makeup tutorial. All of you have encouraged me and I am truly grateful for that!

MAB Anniversary

MAB Anniversary

Thank you! Thank you for the kind words, inspiration, and joy you have shown me throughout this year. No words could describe how appreciative I am of each and every single one of you. You guys are the absolute best!

Cheers to Miss Alice Beauty’s One Year Anniversary and for the many more years to come!

Until next time. Take care!


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An “all-in-one” inspirational source catering to diverse style and age groups on an everyday budget. Merging together my endless love for photography, aesthetics, and fashion, Miss Alice Beauty was established in October of 2013 to create a positive community revolving around the dynamic and ever-changing world of fashion and beauty. Finding inspiration through art, nature, architecture, people, and culture Miss Alice Beauty aims to create a semi-comprehensive guide for style, makeup, nail care, and more. Together we will continue to paint the Miss Alice Beauty world, a world of vivid colors, eclectic fashions, and a vibrant imagination. Since it’s debut Miss Alice Beauty has been nominated for the Liebster and One Lovely Blog awards as well as had numerous social media shout outs from international companies such as NYX Cosmetics and Masglow. I would like to thank my mother for being my inspiration, role model, and fashion icon.


  1. aosbiss says

    so helpful and enjoyable to read! i’m just starting out my first blog, and blogs like yours inspired me to give it a shot! it would mean a lot if you could check it out. thank you for taking the time to read this:) xoxo

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