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Makeup Tutorial – Garden Fairy Halloween Look



Hello everyone! I hope you are having a marvelous day.

Today I am sharing yet another Halloween look inspired by garden fairies!  I love the bright colors paired with the luminous glow of the skin creating a soft, flirty look. To see how to get the look then continue below!


Step 1: After appling your usual foundation and concealer, place a small piece of tape on the outer portion of the eye to create a crisp line later. Then blend a white creamy base all over your lid to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing as well as creating more vibrant pigmentation. Here I used NYX’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk. 


Step 2: Apply a richly pigmented lime green shade over the entire eyelid extending it in a cat eye shape. Pack on the color so that full vibrancy is reached. I used the NYX’s Primal Colors shadow in Hot Green. 


Step 3: Next I took a mix of a lavender and blue shades to soften the edges of the green and add dimension to the look. I also extended this out in a cat eye shape. I used a L’Oreal single eyeshadow in Ocean and the Mary Kay Duo in Mirage. 


Step 4: I ran the lavender shade on my lower lash line and into my inner corner. I then took a light shimmery shadow in my inner corner to help open up my eyes. This is a great trick for hooded eyes such as my own. I used the Mary Kay Duo in Mirage and the Lorac Pro Palette Shadow in Nude. 


Step 5: Taking a hot pink eyeshadow or blush, place a concentrated amount in the very center of your lower lash line. Pack on the color to achieve desired intensity. I then took a small amount of the lime green shade and used that to diffuse the colors on the lower lash line to remove any hard edges. I used NYX’s Primal Colors in Hot Pink and Hot Green. 


Step 6: Take the same hot pink eyeshadow or blush and run that along your cheeks in a C-shape. Build up the color till you look quite flushed. Then take a pink highlight powder and apply it liberally to the high points of your cheeks. I love adding more glow then usual to the look as I feel it adds a whimsical “fairy” touch. I used a mixture of NYX’s Primal Colors in Hot Pink and e.l.f.’s HD Powder Blush in Pink Passion. For my highlight, I applied the Stila The Naked Palette highlight.


Step 7: Apply mascara and false lashes if you wish. Here comes the fun part! Take your lash glue (or any other adhesive you have) and place a tiny dot on each little flower and carefully place them around the corner of your eye using tweezers. I did not have any particular pattern that I was following. I simply began by framing my outer corner and having them cascade down to my cheek. Get creative and have fun with this part! Add as many as you like! I used Covergirl’s Clump Crusher mascara. The flowers can be found in the nail art section in your local beauty store. 


Step 8: Apply a berry toned lipstick that has a warm undertone to match the warmth of the blush. I am absolutely in love with this shade. It is one of my favorites from the NYX Matte Lip Cream line. Expect a review in the near future! This shade is in Prague. 



We are done with the makeup look! Add flowers to your hair, leaf earrings, and wings to complete the look! I adore the playful, lighthearted feel of this look.

Halloween is right around the corner, what are planning on dressing up as?

If you recreate this look, make sure to tag me on instagram using #missalicebeauty!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Until next time. Take care!


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