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Makeup Tutorial – Geisha Inspired Halloween Look




Hello everyone! I hope your day has been lovely.

I am absolutely thrilled to share my rendition of a geisha look for Halloween. I was inspired by the porcelain skin and the ravishing pink and red touches on the lips and eyes. There is something so alluring yet delicate in their appearance and decided to add my own modern touch to the look for Halloween.

Let’s begin!


Makeup Used:

Lorac Pro Palette, Lorac Pro Primer,  L’Oreal Dream Lumi Foundation, Benefit Erase Paste, Wet n’ Wild Reserve Your Cabana, NYC Blush in  Darling Donner, NYX Blush in Mocha, Stila The Natural Palette, NYX Primal Colors in Hot Pink, Wet n’ Wild Palette in Greed Gourmandise, Mary Kay Eyeshadow Duo in Mirage, Revlon Single Shade in Pink Innocence, Covergirl Clump Crusher, No. 7 Blush in Natural Honey, Rimmel Lipstick in Alarm, NYX Retractable Lip liner in Nude


Step 1: Apply your foundation and concealer liberally over your entire face and neck. Make sure to cover your lips and eyebrows as we want to create a clean canvas to work on. You want to make sure to remove red patches and pigmentation so that the bright colors we apply later won’t compete. If you have access to a lighter foundation that would be ideal to achieve the classic porcelain skin appearance. For those of you who are working with the foundation you have such as myself, I found that applying white eye shadow and a matte highlight help to lighten my complexion significantly. Be generous with the application and pay extra attention to evenly distributing the powder over your entire face and neck to avoid patchiness. I used the Lorac Pro Palette shade in White and Wet n’ Wild Reserve Your Cabana. 


Step 2: After applying a primer over your entire eyelid, brow bone, and lower lash line apply a soft peach shade to act as a base and transition for the later shadows only to the eyelid. I used the No.7 blush in Natural Honey over the Lorac Pro Primer. 


Step 3: Next pack an electric pink shade over the eyelid and work it into the crease. Take your time really working the pigment on to the eyelid and making it as intense as possible. Extend it all the way into the inner corner as well. Next take a coral shade and blend the edges of the electric pink all the way to the brow bone and into the eyebrows. Gradually build the color till your are satisfied with the intensity. Use the coral shade to also contour the inner corner. I used the NYX Primal Colors in Hot Pink and NYX Blush in Mocha.  


Step 4: To break up the pink and add depth to the crease I added a bright purple shade. Using a dome shaped brush, wedge the shadow precisely in the crease. Do not bring the purple to low so that the electric pink remains in tact. Take the same coral shade from step 3 and blend the purple up towards the brow bone again to prevent harsh edges. I used the Mary Kay Duo in Mirage.


Step 5: Then I took an orange based pink shade and applied it in the inner corner as well as the lower lash line. I made sure to connect the lower lash line to the eyelid shades. I also took this opportunity to to apply more pink to the eyelid and additional coral shade to my brow bone and eyebrows. I used the Wet n’ Wild palette in Greed Gourmandise. 


Step 6: I took a light pink shade and used that to blend the edges of the lower lash line for a hazy effect. I also used this shade to highlight my inner corner. I used the Revlon single in Pink Innocence. 


Step 7: This step is fundamental and should be done gradually to achieve the best effect. First take the coral blush and sweep this from the corner of the eyes in a C – shape on the highest point of your cheek bones. Make sure to work the shade into the hairline as well. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired intensity. Next take a more intense blush with a more red tone and work that in the same shape. Make sure not to bring the blush to low. Keep it primarily in the high point of the cheek bone. Repeat this until you look rather flushed and rosey. I then used this same shade to intensify my eyebrows even further. The last step is to apply a pink tone highlight liberally on the highest point of the cheek. Do not sweep this in the C – shape, but rather focus it on the top of the cheek and near the under eye area. I used NYX Blush in Mocha, NYC Blush in Darling Donner, and Stila The Natural Palette highlighter. 


Step 8: Make sure your are satisfied with the intensity of the shades on your eyelid and apply your favorite mascara only to your top lashes. I used Covergirl’s Clump Crusher. 


Step 9: Use a deep purple shade to create a thin extended line. I prefer using a eyeshadow for a softer look as I didn’t want the pink to be obstructed. Since my eyes are hooded, I kept the line close to the lashes and thickened on the outer portion. I used the Lorac Pro Palette shae in Deep Purple. 


Step 10: The iconic red lips have a more rounded shape with an emphasis on the cupid’s bow. I began with making sure my natural lip color was completely erased. I then took my nude lip liner to map out my desired lip shape. I first lined my bottom lip to determine the size and how rounded I wanted it to be. Next I outlined the upper lip to match the bottom. Finally, I applied the lipstick straight from the bullet filling in the outline I created. I used the NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude and Rimmel’s Lipstick in Alarm. 



Your makeup look is officially complete! As for hair, I simply rolled two sections up and added some cute flowers and a butterfly since I noticed that traditionally geisha’s have elaborate hair accessories. Add some red nail polish to match your lips and a kimono and your ready to enjoy your Halloween festivities!

I hope all of you enjoyed my interpretation of a modern geisha look. There is something so mysteriously beautiful about these women, who wouldn’t want to be them for a night?

What are your plans to celebrate? If you recreate this look, make sure to tag me on instagram using #missalicebeauty!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Until next time. Take care!


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