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E.l.f. HD Blush “Encore” Review

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

E.l.f. HD Blush

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are wonderful today!

I am thrilled to be back sharing yet another review post. Today we will be looking at e.l.f.’s HD Blush in Encore. This cream product retails for $3.00 and can be purchased at Target or the e.l.f. cosmetics website.


The container is surprisingly small containing .34 fl ounces of product. It is made of a lightweight plastic material and has a squeeze pump. The squeeze pump seems to be both a positive and a negative. I love it for hygienic purposes, but find that it can dispense too much product if you’re not light handed when you push down. I like the iconic simplicity of e.l.f.’s packaging. It feels clean, fresh, and modern.

Cream Blush

The pigmentation of this blush is unbelievable. I was absolutely astonished when I tried it out initially! The color is precise to what you see in the tube. It is rich, creamy, and astoundingly opaque. As you notice in the swatch, I simply put the smallest fraction on the the back of my hand and blended it into my skin and the opacity was through the roof. This can be viewed as great, but also as a challenge. For a beginner this blush may prove to be challenging to apply since it can be easily overdone. For someone with a tad more experience handling cream blushes, then this product is wonderful! It has been a joy to work with and adds a nice glow to my sometimes dull, dry skin.

The blush sits well on my dry, flake prone skin and is incredibly long lasting due to it’s staining effect. I recommend working fast as it settles into the skin quickly. E.l.f. claims on the packaging that it hydrates. I personally did not find it hydrating nor was it uncomfortable on my dry skin. I felt it gave a healthy glow and soft radiance to my overall complexion.

Final Thoughts

I truly love this product and recommend it to anyone that is comfortable using cream blushes. If you are new to makeup, then I recommend toying with it at home to get used to the texture and application before using it out. The rich creamy texture, pigmentation, and longevity makes this product a joy to use and I highly recommend it.

Tips on Application

Have a light hand when you push down on the pump as well as when you apply the blush to your actual skin. I prefer to use a stipple brush (particularly the e.l.f. small stipple brush) for my application. If the color is too strong even when sheered out then I would recommend mixing just a dot of your foundation with the blush on the back of your hand. This not only softens the color but also gives additional coverage if your worried some of your foundation will move during the application.

Until next time. Take care!


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  1. plus+beauty27 says

    Great Review! I have one of the HD Blushes as well I just can’t remember right now which one I have. I think it’s the lightest one maybe lol. 🙂

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