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Falling Head Over Heels – Top Five Shoes

Hello everyone! I hope you are all lovely today!

Today I wanted to share my top five shoes in my closet that I adore using. Let’s get started!

Top Five Shoes

Nu – The Nude Heels

Nine West Heels | French Connection Blouse | Shiseido Lipstick in Perfect Rouge |
No. 7 Natural Powder Blush in Honey | Timex Watch

A nude heel offers versatility and a touch of sophistication in an overall look. The beauty in a nude heel comes from it’s ability to elongate the legs. It allows the eyes to move down and not be obstructed by any color allowing for a very streamlined look. A nude heel can be paired with a variety of looks ranging from dark to light. I think it is a wonderful substitute for a black heel in a darker ensemble such as a little black dress.

Top Five Shoes

Noir – The Black Heels 

Forever 21 Heels | Givenchy Lipstick | Anne Klien Watch Diamond Collection |
NYX Blush in Mocha | Banana Republic Earrings | Thrifted Blouse

Black is a timeless staple in any closet. It is the powerhouse shoe that can be used in virtually any occasion day and night. Though here I am showing my favorite open design, having a closed pair with a bit more of a pointed toe is absolutely necessary. It’s versatility is endless. It can be taken from a professional setting to an evening dinner in the blink of an eye.

Top Five Shoes

Rouge – The Booties

J. Crew Leopard Print Sweater | Gap Cardigan | Kate Moss Lipstick in 09 |
Maybelline shadow in Sparkling Wine | Target Boots

I love a great pair of boots for the fall and winter. They can add great visual interest to any simple look. When looking for a boot (with or without heel) make sure that you find a design that will stand the test of time rather than something that is on trend. I love this pair because red is a color that is always prominent during the colder seasons. It embodies that atmosphere of the fall and winter and pairs wonderfully with the muted tones during this time of year as well.

Top Five Shoes

Blanc – The Ballet Flats

Mossimo Supply Co. Flats | Thrifted Blouse & Belt | Stila Palette in The Natural |
Revlon Matte Lip Balm | Hand Beaded Bracelet from Colombia

Ballet flats are an absolute necessity. The almond toe also helps elongate your legs and overall look. Avoid a round toe as that can make your look a bit infantile and stunt the visual movement of the eye down the leg. I am quite fond of this pair because of their wonderful fit, quality, and pattern. The stripes are an undying design that pairs wonderfully with many looks. If you are buying your first flats or need a replacement I would recommend a black pair for their superior versatility. I have a pair from the same Target line and have enjoyed them tremendously.

Top Five Shoes

Rayures – The Sneakers

All Star Converse Sneakers | NYX Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam | Relic Watch |
LC Bracelet | Betsy Johnson Earrings | Banana Republic Blouse | Mad Hatter Sun Hat

 A comfortable, worn-in pair of sneakers are infallible. My absolute favorite pair are Converses. I adore these sneakers and have for many years! I love how effortlessly they pair with casual looks and how comfortable they are during long days around campus. If you are investing in your first pair of Converses I would recommend black or white to start so you can easily pair them with any casual look. I love their color selection as well! There is a color for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this small guide on my favorite shoes and tips as much as I loved sharing!

Until next time. Take care!


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