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Summer Sunshine Essentials

Summer Survival

Summer Survival

Summer Survival

Summer Survival

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be back with all of you today.

Today’s post revolves around summer essentials to beat the heat while looking put together. Lets begin!

1. Makeup and Nail Essentials

During the summer heat I do not wear a full face of makeup since it feels like it will just drip off at any moment. My go-to face product is my No. 7 Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in medium with SPF 15. I have severely dry and sensitive skin so tinted moisturizers are the best route for me. If you have oily/combo skin then I would consider a lightweight powder option to keep shine under control. This particular tinted moisturizer has light coverage so it allows my natural flush to come through meaning I don’t need any blush when using this product which is a definite plus to keep products to a minimum! Glowing skin during the summer is a must. I particularly like to use the Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. This product is a bit deceiving since it claims to be a bronzer, but actually works wonderfully as a highlight. It has no shimmer and adds a subtle glow to the high points of your face. As for lips I keep it simple with a lip balm or light gloss for a touch of color.

As for nails, have fun with them! I love breaking out my bright colors during the summer so be bold and try some new colors! Here I’m showing Essie’s Mint Candy Apple,  Set in Stones, and Romper Room.

2. Stay Hydrated and Healthy

Though this is year round, staying hydrated during the summer is particularly important because of the heat! I always take water with me when I am out and about. Having a healthy diet is also year round, but take advantage of the wonderful fruits that are in season. I have been enjoying the oranges lately! Take a stroll through your produce aisle and I am sure you’ll see tons of healthy fruit options to snack on by the pool or on the beach.

3. Skin Protection and Hair Care

Always, always, always have sunblock with you and apply it before you leave the house. Regardless if you’re not going to the pool, beach, or park you should apply sunblock to your skin. It will be beneficial in the long run and who likes to deal with unsightly sun burns and peeling? I love the Banana Boat Natural Reflect lotion in SPF 50. It has a high sun protection factor and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin so it’s a win for me! Also have a moisturizer with you to apply after a long day in the sun to re-hydrate your skin and help it cool down.

Hair care has always been of particular importance to me since I have crazy curls to tame everyday. I love throwing my Deva Curl Mist-er Right in my pool/beach bag. It is a lightweight spray that adds spring back into your curls and tames frizzies from having your curls tousled by the summer breeze. Remember to wash your hair well after being at the pool/beach and I would recommend doing an overnight coconut oil treatment.

Want to know more about curly hair care and styling? Comment below!

Until next time. Take care!


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  1. Your photographs are incredible! You have such a nice layout for your posts too. I really liked your post before I even read it.

    After I read it, I liked it even more haha! Your product recommendations sound good and I may need to give a few a try.

    Also, love how you sacrificed some of your Essie nail polish for this post. DEDICATION! haha xD

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