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Burst of Color – BITE Luminous Creme Duo Lipstick Review

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 Hello everyone! I hope you all are wonderful.

Today I will be reviewing the BITE Luminous Creme duo lipstick in Palomino and Violet. Before talking about the product itself I did want to mention and interesting fact about BITE Beauty cosmetics: they take pride in creating not only high performance products, but also edible ones. These particular lipsticks are safe enough to eat. Various articles have claimed that women consume a couple pounds of lipstick within their lifetime and if that is the case then this quality is something to consider.

On to the product review! The BITE Luminous Creme Duo Lipstick is a moisture-rich, pigmented cream lipstick that applies true to color and is incredibly opaque. The color range has a very broad palette from neutrals, pinks, reds, and plums. I purchased mine from my local Sephora for $12. I felt it was a reasonable price since it gives you the opportunity to try two great quality lip products without making a larger investment.

The two shades that come in the “mini lipstick” are Palomino and Violet. They also have a neutral set for those who aren’t a huge fan of vivid lip colors.


This shade is described as a vibrant magenta in which I feel is very accurate. Palomino is extremely pigmented and applied with full color in only one swipe on the lips. It did not feather and applied evenly. As the name suggests, it left a creamy texture on the lips with a soft shine. The shine faded after a couple hours, but the color held on for a few more. I was pleased with the longevity considering the creaming texture and the usual high propensity of that texture being not as long lasting.


This shade is described as a vibrant purple and once again I feel they hit the nail on the head with the description.  Violet applies just as wonderfully as Palomino. It is incredibly rich, pigmented, creamy, and long lasting. There was no feathering during the application either. I would say be cautious if you have significant dry spots on your lips as I feel purple shades really highlight them. I have been loving the purple lip trend and hope it stays around for a while!

The packaging is simple and sleek which I certainly appreciate. The duo lipstick is a great option for those who want lipstick options while traveling, but are limited in in space for packing. The product does have a light scent to them, but it does not linger nor is it unpleasant.

Overall, I highly recommend this lipsticks and I plan on purchasing the full size when I run out. These products provide a beautifully pigmented and vivid color that feels lovely on the lips and it’s safe to consume. What’s not to love?

Which color is your favorite? Let us know below!

Until next time. Take care! 

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