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Keepin’ Cute Cuticles – Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Cream Review

Bee Magic

Bee Magic

Bee Magic

Bee Magic

Bee Magic

Bee Magic

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday; already half way till the weekend, wohoo!

Today’s review post is a bit a different. As I was fixing my nails and prepping them to apply the winner from the last polish poll later this week, I thought I would share the nighttime cuticle/body moisturizer I love using.

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Cream has been my go to evening cream for the past six months. The product retails for $22.50 for the 4 oz size and was purchased off Amazon. I haven’t come across it in any particular store.

The texture is a thick, rather sticky consistency reminding me of Vaseline. Upon application it leaves a greasy film on the skin that can take a while to absorb which is why I tend to prefer to use this product right before bed. In terms of smell, it doesn’t have an particular strong or offensive order. It does however have a distinctive scent that does not linger on the skin the next day.

Medicine Mama Apothecary website claims:

  1. “Heals dry skin with immediate and lasting moisture.”
  2. “Soothes and relieves red, itchy, or sunburt skin.”
  3. “Delivers optimal cellular nutrition and support.”
  4. “Repairs minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.”
  5. “Improves texture and tone of skin.”

My thoughts on claim #1:  

I can certainly vouch for this claim! When I am in need for some intense, rich moisturizing product for cuticle and hands this product comes to the rescue. Upon the first night of application, it begins to penetrate the skin leaving it much softer in the morning. When my cuticles start acting up due to neglect of proper care over a bit of time, this product whips them back into shape and leaves them impeccably moisturized.

My thoughts on claim #2:

I have honestly not tested this claim out though I am curious to give it a shot when something of this nature occurs.

My thoughts on claim #3:

Again, this claim is a bit hard to verify if it is truly providing the “optimal cellular nutrition.” I can imagine it is if my skin responds so positively to it. It keeps my cuticles from being dry and lifting from the base of the nail.

My thoughts on claim #4: 

I do find this cream helps with small nips and such around the cuticle. It dries it out significantly faster and leads to a speeder recovery. Do not try using them for more significant injuries.

My thoughts on claim #5:

Absolutely yes to this claim! My cuticle skin the night prior to application can be incredibly rough and dry, but as soon as I apply a generous layer before bed it completely clears up and goes back to normal. I have had days where I’ve needed to get ready the day prior for an important meeting in the morning and realized my nails and cuticles need a pick me up to look fresh and this is the trick.

Overall thoughts:

Love this product! I firmly believe that it truly does a wonderful job as an evening cuticle/body moisturizer. I have also found that  it works like a charm when used on knees, feet, and elbows. The only draw back would be the time lapse between the application and the actual absorption. Since it takes quite some time, it would not be ideal to use this during the day.  Would I repurchase? There is a strong possibility that I would, but I’d also be interested in testing some new products out as well. Also I’d like to note that it is incredibly long lasting and a little goes a long way. The price is a tad steep, but due to it’s longevity it does work out well in the long run.

How I apply: 

With a clean finger, I swirl the product to melt the upper layer. I then take a small amount and start massaging my cuticles and nails in small circular motions applying light pressure. This ensures that the moisturizer is being worked into the skin and I personally find it quite relaxing. I progressively work my way down my fingers and the rest of my hand in the same manner.

Have you used this product before? If not, share some of your favorite cuticle/hand creams!

Until next time. Take care!


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