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Revlon’s Black Cherry Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

Revlon Black Cherry

Revlon Black Cherry

Revlon Black Cherry

Revlon Black Cherry

Warm raspberry toned lipstick.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well!

I apologize for the recent disappearance. I have been home preparing for Thanksgiving with my family and enjoying my small break. I have been searching for the perfect “vampy” lip color for the fall and winter season; I came across Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry and I will be sharing my opinion on the product.

The lipstick can be purchased at your local drugstore for  $5.00 and is part of their permanent collection. You can purchase the lipstick here as well.


  1. The color glides on smoothly.
  2. Has the ability to be worn sheer or opaque depending on your preference.
  3. A wine color that is perfect for the holiday and fall/winter seasons.
  4. The affordable price makes it readily available for all budget ranges.
  5. Packaging is lightweight, simple, and classically designed.


  1. The lipstick lacks the amount of pigment I was expecting. It has a nice color, but it pales it comparison to what I thought when I looked at the lipstick bullet.
  2. I feel this lipstick is much more of a sheen finish rather than creme due to the amount of shine and thin consistency.
  3. For a “vampy” lip I believe it’s preferable to have a matte lipstick that stays put, rather than a dark creme lipstick that is easily smudged and can  be moved out of place.
  4. When applying a thicker coat of the lipstick, it tends to gather pigment more in some areas causing an irregular distribution of colors.
  5. Tends to bleed easily and is not long lasting.

Final Thoughts and Ratings:

Overall I give this product a C+

This product was not my favorite “vampy” lip color. It certainly isn’t horrible and if you happen to find one around, well, it wouldn’t be terrible to have in your collection. I do plan on using it, but I’ll continue my search for the perfect fall/winter lipstick.

Quick Tips on Application: 

  • Make sure to blot this lipstick to minimize smudging!
  • Apply a lip liner in a similar color to provide a more even application and have precise edges.
  • Bring a mirror or plan on touching up often with this lipstick if you head out with it.

Do you have recommendations for a dark/vampy lip color? Share with us below!

Until next time. Take care!


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  1. Seeing the picture of this before it’s on is so misleading, it looks like it’s going to be dark – in a fabulous way. I feel like a matte color like that would have more of a lasting quality though. I’m on the lookout for something like it… X

    • I completely agree! The bullet coloring is misleading and left me rather disappointed in the color payoff. I also agree that a matte lipstick is better for deep colors. Hopefully we’ll find perfect ones soon! xo

  2. Ironic I am reading this because I just purchased ‘Diva’ by MAC today for $16. It is my new fave and def gives you the vampy feel you desire. Hope this helps you, search no more!!

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