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Fall Must Have – Burgundy Polish and Almond Shaped Nails

Essie - Wrapped in Rubbies

Essie – Wrapped in Rubies

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Essie polish in Wrapped in Rubies. The polish is part of Essie’s permanent collection and can be purchased online or at your local drugstore.  As you can see above, based on the view from the bottle, it appears to have iridescent gold shimmer running through the rich burgundy color.


Once the polish is applied, it appears to give a different effect as opposed to what the bottle initially showed. The gold lining in the polish does not translate onto the nails as depicted in the top and bottom images taken in different lighting intensities. With that being said, I still find this polish beautiful and one that I am thrilled to have in my collection.  The color itself is a rich burgundy, crimson color swirled with finely milled gold glitter making it a perfect polish for the fall and winter seasons especially during the up and coming holidays.

The polish applies with ease only requiring about two coats. I applied this over my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base coat and applied Seche Vite as my top coat.


If you’re looking for the perfect fall/winter color than I strongly recommended picking this one up! It’s a fabulous color that merits being part of any nail polish collection.

Aside from the polish, I also wanted to share that I’m trying out a new nail shape! I have always kept my nails square, but I’ve recently grown interested in the almond shape.  My thoughts:

I am loving the look of them! I believe this shapes gives the illusion of longer, more delicate hands and adds a nice touch of femininity by removing harsh lines. The almond shape is a “safe” shape in the  sense that with square nails you are much more prone to getting the edges snagged on something and ultimately breaking your nails.  How do you feel about the almond shape?

Until next time. Take care!


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